WordPress Tutorial – Everything you need to know to build your website

WordPress Tutorial

In this WordPress tutorial video series we provide you with the instructions you need to build and maintain your own website.

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01 - What is WordPress

In this video we'll introduce you to WordPress. Since it was introduced in 2003 WordPress has become one of the most popular web publishing platforms and today it powers more than 70 million websites.

02 - WordPress .com or .org

If you are relatively new to WordPress, you may be a bit confused by the difference between WordPress.com WordPress.org. If so you're not alone. In this video we'll take a quick look at the differences between these two related, but distinctively different versions of WordPress.

03 - The WordPress Dashboard

In this video we'll take a quick tour of the WordPress dashboard which provides access to all the site management tools for your website.

04 - WordPress Posts vs Pages (Premium Content)

Now that you are familiar with the WordPress dashboard you ready to start creating and publishing your content. In this video we will take a look at it the two primary forms of content supported by WordPress, posts and pages.

05 - WordPress Editor (Premium Content)

In this video we'll take a quick tour of the WordPress editor which is used to edit posts, pages and other types of content.

06 - Creating a Post (Premium Content)

Now that you have a good understanding of the functions of the post editor it's time to start creating some content for our site. So in this video we will create our first post.

07 - Post formats (Premium Content)

In the previous video we created our first post, in WordPress. But there are also a number of different post formats which enable you to create specific types of posts, each one with its own unique style.

08 - Editing existing posts (Premium Content)

In this video I will show you how edit existing posts.

09 - Categories and Tags (Premium Content)

So far we've learnt how to create and edits posts. In this video we'll talk about how to organise your posts using categories and tags, making it easier for your readers the find the content are looking for.

10 - Creating Pages (Premium Content)

In the first few videos we talked almost exclusively about posts. In this video we're going to shift gears a bit and talk about pages.

11 - Adding Images (Premium Content)

In this video we'll show you how to insert photos and images into your posts and pages.

12 - Embedding Video (Premium Content)

In this video we'll show you how easy it is to embed video or audio into your posts and pages.

13 - The Media Library (Premium Content)

We've now learnt how to embed video and add images to our site, but you can also upload other file types such as PDFs and even Word documents.

14 - Managing Comments (Premium Content)

In this video we'll explore how to use comments to engage your visitors in conversation.

15 - Creating Links (Premium Content)

In this video I'll show you how to build links.

16 - Customising the Theme (Premium Content)

In this previous videos we've covered all the basic functions and features of the WordPress administration area. Now We're going to dig in a little deeper and talk about how to customise the look of your WordPress site.

17 - Adding Widgets (Premium Content)

In this video we'll explore how to use widgets to add blocks of content to the sidebar and footer of your site.

18 - Custom Menus (Premium Content)

In this video we're talk about how to create an customise the navigation menu for your site.

19 - Installing Plugins (Premium Content)

In this video we'll talk about how to add new functionality to your WordPress site through the use of plugins.

20 - Adding New Users (Premium Content)

If you are building a website for your company or other organisation then it's likely that you'll have more than one user who will need access to the WordPress administration area. Or you might want to invite other authors to contribute to your blog.

21 - Useful Tools (Premium Content)

We're almost finished with our tour of the WordPress administration area, but let's take a look at some of the tools that WordPress provides to help you manage your site.

22 - Settings (Premium Content)

In this video we'll talk about how to configure your settings to optimise and get the most out of your WordPress site.

Screenshot of video - top plugins for WordPress

Bonus 01 - Top WordPress Plugins (Premium Content)

In this video we'll introduce you to a number of WordPress plugins which we suggest you install on you WordPress site. Most of these plugins provide foundations for security, resilience or SEO.