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TALKS WITH SUCCESSFUL FOUNDERS: Helena Hills – TrueStart Coffee, on Engaging Customers

Helena Hills brought her trade mark energy and positive attitude to the stage. When we met for coffee a few weeks earlier she had already admitted to me she loves the opportunity to talk with a live audience. This interview style suited her perfectly.

For those who don’t yet know her (and those of you who follow the business news soon will) she is the Co-Founder of multi award-winning TrueStart Performance Coffee with a cabinet of impressive awards, including Everywoman Brand of the Future a prestigious award presented to a young brand who demonstrates huge potential for growth.

Helena and her husband Simon have a desire to challenge the norm. and after conversations with experienced people in the coffee industry, realised they had an opportunity to disrupt, not just the coffee market, but the energy drinks sector too.

How do you turn a coffee into a lifestyle brand, stocked in Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Selfridges and exported to across the world in just 2 years?

Needless to say, through hard work – not that that seems to be a problem for either of the founders who have a passion for their product and seem to genuinely thrive on the challenge.

Genuine customer care means being obsessive that their Net Promoter Score remains significantly higher than the average at around 82. To put this into perspective, anything higher than 60 is considered excellent, Amazon is 73 and Apple is 62 (2017).

Helena has become a master of creating authentic relationships and turning customers into loyal followers and advocates with the help of social media.

To hear more about how she got to this point in her life, and discover some of her pointers on how to make a remarkable customer experience yyou can watch the full interview on Startup Grind YouTube Channel.

Below is just a taster of what she had to say.

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