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James Smith DevOpsGuys Startup Grind Video

In this episode of our series of Talks with Successful Founders, we chat with James Smith from DevOpsGuys.

During our chat you’ll hear about:

  • The importance of distilling core values
  • What OKRs are and why they can help a growing orgaisation
  • Why every company is a tech company
  • How a blog turned into a successful business
  • Why culture is so important
  • What happens when an early employee doesn’t believe in the company vision
  • Why commend and control isn’t a good way to run a company
  • James’s favourite book ‘The Goal’ by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

You can find out more about James and the DevOpsGuys at www.DevOpsGuys.com and Twitter

Enjoy our time with James Smith fonder and CEO of the DevOpsGuys.

See the teaser video below.

Full video is available on the Startup Grind YouTube channel.

Enjoying the video? Why not come along to our next Talks Successful Founders event.

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