It’s never been easier to start a business but who can you trust for advice and support, and what is really on offer?

Today, more than any other time in our history, we all have the resources at hand to make a difference. Hundreds of new businesses are created every week.  Small businesses are now big business for the UK, the government and a whole sector of service industries and networking organisations that see the entrepreneur and start-up  sector as an opportunity to make money.

Creating a business is not just about ideas - it’s taking the next step and making the best choices for you and your business. From software packages to support services, banks to crowd funding and network groups to technology, where will you choose to invest your money?

PurpleCeed looks at what is on offer for the small business and compares what you get for your money from the myriad of products and services available. As entrepreneurs, management consultants and small business owners, we have faced the same decisions and challenges. Now we are researching exactly what is on offer to make your decision process a little easier.